Tuesday, May 01, 2007


I ended my run on Virgin Comics' Devi in March, after finishing issue 10, primarily because the work was getting too much to handle and I needed to focus on finishing the book. Have never really posted about the comics (well, I haven't really been posting about anything) so thought I'd put up links to some of the reviews Devi's been getting.
I had a very good time on Devi - the biggest rewards were getting to work with Mackenzie Cadenhead, super-editor, and Mukesh Singh, easily-international-level comics artist, and the occasional opportunity to unleash my inner Khooni Dracula writer. Writing mainstream comics is really interesting, and shakes you up in many ways - I learned a lot from my eight Devi issues about structure, writing in a completely different voice and teamplay. I'd always wondered how writers took over universes that they hadn't made up, what the boundaries were for things like new characters, voice changes, plot overhauls, deaths... now, well, I know. And I'm looking forward to doing it again.
The comics are (finally) out in India now, so do pick them up. The series is now in the hands of the extremely capable former juvenile delinquent Saurav Mohapatra, and Ron Marz has taken over editorially. Good times. I'm working on a few other projects for Virgin that I wish I could talk about. Soon, I hope.
Anyway, reviews: Devi 3, Devi 4, Devi 5, Devi 6, Devi 7, Devi 8, Devi 9


Blogger First Rain said...

Ecstatic at the re-birth of the comics in India. Been a long time since Chacha Chaudhary and Sabu made their debut! :)

Hope to see more graphic novels soon.

12:49 pm  
Anonymous Saurav Mohapatra said...

thanks man... :)

"extremely capable"... uh..huh... last time that was used in conjunction with my name was by a judge when I was six and in juvenile court and was followed by "this heinous act"...

just kidding... :D

thanks again... and btw, my name is spelt "Saurav"... :D

8:07 pm  

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