Wednesday, May 10, 2006

from the EVIL FORCES of...

If there was ever a point of time in your life when Sunday mornings meant waiting through endless Rasna ads for He-Man to show up on DD, if you still remember all the words of the intro (I'm Adam, Prince of Eternia, defender of the secrets of Castle Greyskull..etc, etc) and if you made early forays into metrosexuality some time in the mid-80s by playing with the Leo-Mattel dolls (my favourite was Roboto, a gift from my aunt from Ireland - he had three detachable arm weapons, an axe, a gun and a claw, and his heart rotated in the middle of his transparent body), then you should definitely see this.
PS: Teela was hot

Update: Jai has a wonderful piece on He-man here, and thanks to his international lifestyle clearly had a better collection than I did (I wonder where those toys are now? In some loft in Calcutta...will look for them when I go home next) It's a shame, really, when I think how much joy those figures that Twisted For Power Punch!!! gave me, they really need to be given a new lease of life.


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