Thursday, April 20, 2006

Thus spake Zarazigga

Hearken, lowly mortals! Specifically, writer/aspiring-writer type lowly mortals in Calcutta! Thus spake the mighty Zig

Caferati is (finally!) getting an active local chapter going in Cal.
The details for the first first read-meet are up at
The basics:
Sun Apr 23, 2006 3:30 pm
The Calcutta Punjab Club
21, Ballygunge Circular Road

The two people who are doing the hard work getting the group going are:
Anurag Mathur:, Anurag +919830983797;
Ravi Bagaria: +919339794884
Do get in touch with them or subscribe to which is the
newsgroup that will coordinate venues, locations, meet moderators and
suchlike for the city.

(Bashful, private types who'd rather not be physically present, but
would still like to network and workshop with writers in other parts
of the world are welcome to check out our online forum at Ryze, To join Ryze and Caferati, please go to )

For those who'd like to find out more, please see (and particularly We also have a blog at


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