Sunday, December 04, 2005

Oh crap

So I come back home, after a lovely afternoon and bitterly cold evening at Lodhi gardens, to find the cat crapping on me. To be more specific, on the only copy of the review of the only play I acted in that got reviewed, which starred an actress who's now in the US shooting a film about call centres - the review was written by an award-winning actress too, and so should have been preserved in crystal casing and all of that. Instead, it was lining Sherpa's litterbox, because the mighty maid had chosen to remove a large pile of newspapers/magazines (my articles, reviews etc) from my bookshelf to the kitchen, where old newspapers are kept. Managed to rescue the rest of the pile, but...the cat's been crapping on me for four days now.
I'm wondering if this bodes well for Manticore's reviews.


Blogger Teleute said...

e ma. tomar maid ebong tomar beral dujonei dushtu hoye gechhe.

5:34 am  

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