Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Planet X

Randomly felt like blogging something - since I cant think of anything, ill just post the first chunk of this weeks telegraph column, which im writing now.

Gentlemen, rewrite your textbooks – there’s a new planet in town, and you can call it 2003 UB313. What’s most fascinating about this new planet so far is its name – Xena, after the leather-clad monster-kicking 90s TV action heroine played by Lucy Lawless. Astrologers should take note – this is clearly the planet that governs dominatrices, horse-riders and people who like saying ‘I-yi-yi.’. It’s a fabulous name, marrying the tradition of naming planets after Roman mythological characters with the acceptance of mass media as a modern myth-maker. And it proves yet again that scientists often have wonderful senses of humour. I hope they make the name official. Wonder what would have happened if an Indian had discovered it, though – would they have named it Jassi? Or Lola-kutty?

Now, on to something about Cloudburst Mumbai and Mumbai help...


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