Saturday, August 13, 2005


In my inbox today..

would you please help me out here....
well um my best friend, she has kind of become obsessive about kirin after her third reading of the book, so much so that she's probably going 2 want 2 marry sum1 "soooooooo coooool!!!" as him!! she's even in love with the name kirin now (did u really name him after the beer????) so yea, well could you tell me exactly how kirin looks, so that the next time she starts on how "someone as cool as him cant b bad looking at all" i can counter it or something, though, heros are never quite ugly, are they?

Wonderful. But in all honesty, I have no idea what he looks like. Could anyone help me out here?


Blogger Mangs said...

I was imagining Rehaan Engineer :-) But that's just me...
Oh, sorry, you wanted ugly...?

3:24 am  
Blogger The Marauder's Map said...

Hmmm... Kirin... sort of younger version of 70s Mills and Boon heroes as portrayed on covers with simpering blonde heroines swooning at their feet? Dark, hollow cheeks, thin mean sexy lips, glittering black eyes, longish nose, very lean. Untidy hair a la Harry Potter but minus D Radcliffe's wholesome good looks.

So sad, I don't know any man who looks like that in real life. Though you come close, sweetie ;)

3:26 am  
Blogger the still dancer said...

@ the MM. ahem, ahem.
mangs: err..why be sorry..he fits the bill perfectily, doesn't he? as in the 'ugly' bill?
*runs awa very, very fast*

5:12 am  
Blogger samit said...

hmm..interesting, mangs, id definitely audition rehaan engineer. and your man, bagchi. i can see how he reminds you of me, since i definitely have untidy hair:)
this is good fun: so far, ive only bollywood-cast simoqin with my family :):)

10:54 pm  
Blogger Shobhik said...

As far as I can imagine, Kirin has curly black hair ( not at all well-combed, mind you, only rather untidy). His eyes are either light-brown or dark-blue. Nose could be of any length, but long seems good. He'd be very thin, (and not macho at all).He'd be of average height, or slightly taller than average. He'd be wearing rather wierd clothes, but not as untidy as Maya's.

Thats my view of Kirin.

11:32 pm  
Blogger #3tiYo>B_shyo> said...

hey kirin to me looks like a cool staff wielding japanese anime..thingie, with flowing straight black hair, sharp features. thin... coz he is supposed to be agile, isn't he? and his eyes probably glow red after gaining danh-gem's power. robes, fantastic LOTR type all...i sent u a pic of what i thought he looked like, lol..interesting question.

1:45 am  
Blogger Teleute said...

kirin is hot, regardless of all the different ways in which i try to visualise him :D

2:16 am  
Blogger Gamesmaster G9 said...

He's a spitting image of Subhabrata Saha

10:28 am  
Blogger samit said...

ani, go away. adults are having a childish discussion here. rest of you, carry on :)

11:20 am  
Blogger imhunt said...

Black hair, long and almost shoulder length. Straight but curling at the ends.
Brown eyes, large and probing, Intense looking not black those make him very stereotype. Angular face with a well defined chin. Of course he has a cleft but not the Michael Douglas type crack.
Well shaped lips, because he's a Rakshas the lower one bigger than the upper but emmensely kissable nonetheless.
He has to be dark, a lean athletic built and have a easy yet authoritarian look to him.

3:23 am  
Blogger avdi said...

i am a little in love with kirin myself.... Rehan Engineer suits the bill perrrrrrfect... but isnt he a bit 'older'?

7:06 am  

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