Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Tod, Shekhar, tod!

Saw Parineeta, which is an OK-type film except for the ending - never before have I seen a period film where the climax is whacked from a cement ad. Saif Khan attacks a brick wall with a variety of lawn ornaments, while wedding guests, family and cheerful retainers egg him on with word and gesture, but dont help, because a) they dressed up nicely for the wedding and b) they were wondering what the hell he was doing, because the gate was a few steps to his left. Anyway, Saif breaks through in half an hour, removing some three bricks, and then miraculously makes a man-shaped hole three seconds later. He must have thrown his fat singer aunt through the wall. Meanwhile, Sabyasachi Chakraborty, tired of playing evil businessman and market innovator in heritage hotels, gave up yelling at the idiot assembly and eloped with Topshe.
That Vidya Balan, though...
Anyway, in other news, just saw the first fifteen episodes of the Indiatimes sequel, they look good. And the Manticore cover is now under way, which is a source of much joy and tension.
IMPORTANT UPDATE: Excerpt from a conversation with the woman who translated Parineeta to English. She wrote the English subtitles for the DVD, that is.

samit says:
break, shekhar, break!!!
samit says:
or how did you translate it?
Keyser Soze says:
eh... yeah... 'break it, shake it, baby baby fake it!!'
samit says:
no, tell me the line, i want to know
Keyser Soze says:
break it, shekhar
Keyser Soze says:
go on, destroy it
Keyser Soze says:
break it forever
Keyser Soze says:
Keyser Soze says:
Keyser Soze says:
dont make me do this


Blogger Buchu said...

heh heh. achha, on that note, i want more DVD recommendations before i depart. will definitely take Murder, but any other suggestions will be warmly welcomed :-)

6:23 AM  

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