Sunday, June 12, 2005


Will be acting again. Roped into cast of English sitcom as last-minute replacement; final rehearsals today and shooting this week. Which means I now have to start learning lines and all of that. Will be interesting acting again - will probably goof up in a number of innovative ways, but chose to take it up, it being something i really enjoyed a medium-sized while ago.
Spent yesterday recovering from a Saturday of very hard work followed by a very fun Compulsive Confessor party, where all sorts of confessions were made. But i really dont remember very know more, read Jabberwock on the same. In my defence, can only say that a heading-for-stardom journalist was mixing me buckets full of fire, and there are obligations under these circumstances. Still, the only person who might not remember me fondly was the dog, and that was only because I was cackling encouragent to the Jabberwock and Putu as they reconfigured its outlook on life.


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