Sunday, June 05, 2005

Return of the Stoob

The mighty Stoob is back, after having lain waste to Calcutta over the last two weeks. The broken hearts of Sananda Tilottamas now litter the streets of Cal - we raised a toast and a fork laden with Crispy Chilli Potatoes to them, and to our mad landlord, our madder cleaning lady, the flashing-dancing girl in the flat behind ours, the celebrity mistress with the 'It's Hot' towel in the flat across the street, the lecherous pigeon-feeding pole-with-pink-panties-attached-waving bare-saggy-chested old man on the roof across, Rameshnath aka Kalu the completely berserk auto-chasing gang-warfare-addicted street dog, and many other people who have made our lives interesting over the last year.


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