Saturday, May 28, 2005

Its an ad, ad, ad world

Generally too blah to post properly nowadays, but thought this deserved an entry.
Met this advertising honcho the other day. Smart, suave, shark-like, the works. 'I've got an idea for a really great ad,' he says. 'I've been working on it for four years now.'. 'Pray tell me,' say I, 'I'm all agog.'. 'I haven't figured out the product it's best suited for, but it's really great. But then, many great ads start out just as blinding concepts,' he says, and tells me about some famous Electrolux ad which could have been a famous Something Else ad. 'Tell me your idea,' I say, at the edge of my seat, except that I was standing. 'So, there are these parents,' he says. 'Of children.' 'Nice twist.' 'And they're talking. And they're like all competitive. Like my son can do this. Yeah? My son can do THIS. Yeah? My son can read books by Freud. And the kids are really young.' 'OK. Then?'
'I havent figured out what happens then,' he says. 'But the parents can be of either gender.'
Long pause. He senses I want more, so improvises dramatically. 'They're Sardars.'
He's been working on this for four years now. Which means he started the year I left college. I really hope he gets there, because its obviously a stunning concept.
I love ad people. Their faces are so warm. My favourite one yet, though, is the guy who asked me, on hearing I wrote, whether I did my own creatives.
Anyway. Advertising's last hope, the noble Stoob, is in Cal now, spreading good cheer and possibly much more. He called the other day, delirious with happiness...hed been to Sompeplace Else, and heard their band and remembered anew that bar music can actually be NICE. Hes been speaking to lots of people, and now thinks we should move back to Cal and revolutionize Bangla TV. Its an interesting idea, I have to say.


Blogger sumandatta said...

nice one tht-"parents(of children) :-)"

i guess the ad world is so full of these funny characters! "jhankar beats" - the movie was so full of it! the condom campaign had my sides split with laughter :-)

9:45 PM  

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