Saturday, February 26, 2005

Self support

its always embarassing to have to buy copies of your own book...but i end up doing it a lot, usually because i never have enough time to order from penguin at my authors discount rate (since i usually need the books by yesterday when i buy them), and because i dont have a room lined from floor to ceiling with my books, unlike some authors i know, heh.
anyway, so went to landmark, which didnt have a single copy (grah! no one finds my book anywhere any more, and its going to be another year at least before penguin wakes up to this fact!) but crossword did, met one of the store managers there and found the two copies i needed. interesting meeting with the woman who now runs the store (Sidharth Pansari, the bum, is in New Zealand on his honeymoon) where she asked me to autograph a few copies of my book, only to find i had just bought all the copies of my book there were in the store. somewhat embarassing, that.
While landmark didnt have my book, it did have a very extensive graphic novel collection. AND i had just got ticket money reimbursed from bidhannagar college, so i bought 3 sandmans, and league of extraordinary gentlemen volume 1. and muhaha to that.


Blogger Gamesmaster G9 said...

Well - it could be someone who bought five copies, which he will then ask you to autograph :)

And in other news - I have now finished readin Sandman graphic novels 1-8, and read LoEG vol 1 and 2 last year.


12:00 AM  
Blogger samit said...

you live in a merica, so shut up.
i ate dalmoot and roll and biryani today.

12:14 AM  
Blogger Hurree said...

read-this-and-weep: i ate chaat and golgappas and biryani (well, over period of last week). And have read lxg 1 AND 2 sitting in india plus sandman plus watchmen not to mention perspepolis 2.
ok, all done gloating now.

3:51 AM  

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