Monday, February 14, 2005

Bloggers everywhere

Got brief mail from Antara linking to a number of hilarious blogs - people we know and have made fun of over the years are now putting up things so strangers can join us. will not link to them right now, instead, will link to two excellent blogs i found off Kitabkhana.
What else has been happening? Only relevant thing - saw Finding Neverland and loved it, so go read good reviews of it and imagine those are my views. also discovered anew how much i dislike delhi - we were seated right next to the door, and not only got constant backup soundtrack (remixes, probably baby doll 2 or some such crap) from the food counter, but a constant stream of people walking in and out or just opening the door and standing there. what fun.
Its Valentines Day today. Thought i would mention it.
Launch today evening, thinking of going but have a couple of things to write first. if they work out, wont go.


Blogger newt! said...

Were there those red, heart-shaped, helium-filled balloons in the Delhi stores? (L'horreur!)

12:36 AM  

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