Sunday, February 27, 2005

And the Oscar

for World's Worst Broadcast Journalist goes to Yudi Urs (Yudi Urs?), formerly VJ Yudi of channel V, for stuttering and stammering endlessly, live, from behind a hedge - a hedge, for crying out loud - at the Kodak Theatre's red carpet during the Oscars. And for naming the stars as they walked by, ignoring him. and for saying really stupid things to whoever was kind enough to talk to him. and for saying 'back to you, shakun' one minute after the woman in hong kong, shakuntala something, cut him off. my memories of him were very good - he was the one who gave ani and me scooters after the channel v awards cal rounds - but aargh. aargh.
the ashwin person with the short film didnt win, but whoever was sitting next to him in the sari was very lovely.
and the document about cal's brothels won. so if it becomes really famous now, we can be the city of Mother Teresa AND brothels. what joy.


Blogger Gamesmaster G9 said...

Actually saw BiB. Amazing how familiar stuff can look ghastly when viewed through the eyes of an outsider.

I never realised how Brabourne Road looked like a road in Hell.

12:19 AM  
Blogger chitra said...

i thankfully woke up late and misse dthe red carpet show - only saw the main awards.. quite liked the variation in presentation - u know awards given off stage and all...

10:32 PM  

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