Wednesday, January 12, 2005

The days are blurry again...

and i havent been writing. which means ive been playing computer games again - tv and film can be divided into discrete time slots. ive been playing one of my favourite games - 1996's best game, Diablo. Ive just reached the lowest levels of the dungeons after endless hours of play, and am beginning to hear creaking doors and clashing swords even in my sleep. the downside is that 3 year-olds i meet ask me why i havent got a job and what i do all day.
but today has been a memorable day, for all sorts of reasons.
sigh, etc.
by the way...stoob has started a mammoth campaign to take me to the zoo - inspired by childhood trauma. apparently his father used to take him to alipore zoo (cal) and make him sit by his side as he drank beer after beer and then tottered home. stoobs desire to see delhi zoo remained unfulfilled - instead, we went to dilli haat and ate dead pigs wrapped in fried floor at the nagaland food stall.
might get to meet zigzackly this week. what fun. shobita met him too, for a story. the outlook office is currently occupied in discussing haris latest wound. his cats have gone berserk again, and apparently ripped up both his arms. they have eaten his contact lenses, caused him to break his foot by falling under scooters, had hysterectomies, and injured him in many other ways in the recent past. hmm.


Blogger The Marauder's Map said...

The definitive Indian blog has arrived.

The Bagchi.

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