Monday, January 17, 2005

The dancing queen

is here, and is just as stunning as she was when I first met her (we were both 16 at the time, and Calcutta's rock-solidest couple for five years). Now, in her new avatar as corporate headhunter, she's shuttling about the country bandying cell-phones and acronyms, juggling compensation packages and recalcitrant managers calling incessantly from Dubai. She leaves tomorrow, but she leaves for Bombay, so will see a lot more of her in the coming months. Which is great. Made another trip to Palika, and am too tired to list the DVDs i brought. ive never been so broke before - not even in london.
A bloggers meet is set to happen later in the evening...great beasts are assembling and moving towards east Delhi, leaving trails of fire in their wake even as i speak. Putu will be there, and Jabberwock, and Zigzackly, and Hurree babu, and I know not who else at present. We will all chatter merrily and praise one anothers blogs. What fun.
I have to write a short article about Calcutta now. What about? Best suggestions ive had so far - Drinking in Calcutta (Rudra, amazingly sober) and Barley Sugar (The Comp. Confessor). Deadline is tomorrow. Not good.
Will only really know the date after I post this - no, wait, it says JAn 17 below where Im typing. Which means, dammit, that another deadline is here.
Have been smoking a lot. Very, very bad. Specially considering that I DONT smoke. I never have. Its a dirty, disgusting habit ive always avoided, even back when peer groups and suchlike pressure sources thought it was cool. Now its sneaked up on me all of a sudden. Like a deadline or something.


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