Tuesday, December 14, 2004


lots of people remembered this year, and not because i told them...though i guess the orkut thingie accounted for at least 3 of the wishes.
soumee, nidhi, rukmini, paul called at night, and i was just telling them how stoob had forgotten my birthday again when stoob burst into room with massive cake in hand and rudra beside him bravely holding a bent candle. my first surprise party! i was thrilled.
we sat up till 4, swapping drunken tales, incredibly good fun. honestly dont remember when i last laughed so much in a single session.
woken up after two hours after sleep by enthusiastic singing family from cal...much love was exchanged, but i was mostly asleep so i dont remember.
oh, and had dinner with sangha bultu and josh last night, got fabulous birthday present. anyway, went to aurobindo place market, bought myself lots of books (jonathan strange, alvin maker 2, 2 dianna wynne joneses) and then massive trip to outlook, where i met everybody and chatteref for hours, bravely trying to conceal the fact that i was half asleep.
also spoke to most of the old gang...though some havent called as yet. the ex called while i was in the middle of a heated conversation, thought i didnt recognize her voice. funny.
still half asleep, heading towards fully asleep. am skulking at empty computer at penguin office. havent met anyone else. going to willy d do, and then will do god knows what. will meet quite a few people there, so lets see.
met ms. wakaw at outlook...she gave me a diverse collection of gifts - pencil, dhoop, bag, pad. dont think she was too pleased by the fact that i just goggle and blinked when i should have been over the moon. but was happy.
birthdays are very stressful - especially the inevitable comparisons with previous birthdays - just like the pujas, and other festivals, and other causes of heart disease. this birthdays shaping up well - in comparison to the utter misery of last years, its heaven.
will meet and blink vaguely at many more people today, i can feel it coming.
ok have written enough now. theres some more stuff, but im feeling sleepy.
25 is old. truly old. and it doesnt matter that anything above it is older.
oh, before i go - i got this mail today from a classmate from school who found this blog while roaming through the net. mail was full of sage words of advice and consolation, because apparently my posts in this blog make it clear i think im a hopeless loser, and that im teetering on the edge of semi-suicidal depression.
wondering what to say - nothing seems adequate.
happy birthday to me?


Blogger Sagnik Nandy said...

Happy Birthday Mr. Basu - now you are 25 and a little formal addressing is warranted :)

6:02 AM  
Blogger Tridib said...

Happy Birthday, guru! What better way to greet you on your birthday than through the good offices of your blog! Quarter-century marar agay duto novel namiye diyechho! Jiyo mama, way to go!

7:09 AM  
Blogger Buchu said...

heppy burtday again. amra shobai besh buro hoye jachhi. so let us walk into old age together, holding hands and singing 'i am just an ordinary guy...'

8:18 AM  
Blogger Gamesmaster G9 said...

Welcome to the club of the 25-plus. If you were in the US, that would mean you get cheaper car insurance. I'm not entirely sure what it means otherwise, but 25 is a square number so that must be cool.

Oh, and my blog is up and running.

11:34 AM  
Blogger samit said...

thank you, thank you.
ah, tridib, this will probably surprise you, but i did not know you were you until i figured it out before i asked your wife yesterday

11:05 PM  

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