Sunday, December 19, 2004


Should post about The Incredibles here, I guess, since its the whole cartoon/superhero/fantasy by extension thing. leading twin bloglives is quite difficult...its basically cheating, and you can never really be two different people in two relationships...
have been reading the compulsive confessor, as you can tell from the last paragraph.
anyhoo, after watching the incredibles, its back to the old old question - which one is the best one? shrek? monsters inc? finding nemo? or this one? not a very important question, really, but i think pixar moves just that tiny fraction ahead of dreamworks with the incredibles
the film is, well, incredible, and i am deeply in love with elastigirl.
too bad shes married.
easily the best film ive seen this year - plot, characters, effects and all, and ive seen some good ones. if thats not cool enough for you, samuel l jackson plays frozone, an ice-making superhero. so there.
the articles ive linked to say more than i could, so ill just be content saying 'wooo!' feel like writing a big rave review - too bad i dont work for anyone.
if anyone who reads this knows anyone who might be able to draw a good superhero, could you please tell them to get in touch with me?


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