Wednesday, December 22, 2004

from the Presi archives

Bitter Rain - by Rahul>

It was raining cats and dogs out side. I, Rahul, woke>up and pushed the talking button of my American>talking table clock. “ It’s seven thirty a.m. and the>temperature is eighty degree farenhite”. I jumped up>from my bed and ran to the bathroom. Suddenly the door>bell rang. “ Wait a minute please. I am coming”.
I>quickly came out of the bathroom and opened the door.>Oh! What I saw. I just couldn’t believe that. I could>have hardly thought in my sweet dream too see Aparna>to come to my house. Aparna, the girl whom I had last>met three years ago when I left Presidency College>after completing my B.Sc. course. The three year>relationship of ours ended with her engagement with>Subrata, my toughest competitor in the long run of my>love with her.>
“Hi Anu (I used to call her with this name), you and>in my house! How is it possiable!! Come inside quick”.>I saw her quite drenched in the heavy shower and her>bodystructure was quite revealed for her absolutely>wet clothes. In her black T-shirt and skyblue jeans>she seem (to me) to be a mysterious woman.
“ I was>going to my aunt’s home. But the vehicles are unable>to go any longer for the roads are wiped out by rain>water. It is quite impossiable to go home now. So, I>suddenly remembered you and came here. But at first>tell me where is your bathroom and give me something>dry to wear”. I gave her my panjabi and pajama. When>she got dressed I gave her a warm welcome with fuming>black coffee.>
“Do you know , Rahul I’m totally alone in this cruel>world now?” she said in her half consciousness,”none>to help me and none to give me support in any need of>mine.”>“Why?What’s about Subrata?Where is he?”, I asked very>suprisingly.>“Don’t utter a word about him. I don’t want to>remember that bustard. He is such a frod and selfish>person”.She lit a cigerate and threw the extinguished>match stick at the corner of the room.
“The bloody>bitch”,she continued,”went to JNU for higher study and>there he roamed about a lot of girls. I till now>repent for choosing wrongly such a great flurt.”
It>seemed to me that the topic is going to disturb the>beautiful atmosphere. So, I, intending to divert her>mind from the topic asked her if she would like>“khichuri and papad” in the lunch.
My parents had gone>to attend a marriage and would return after two days>or three. So, I went to the kitchen for cooking and>she came atonce to help me in my job. During cooking>time we went back to our college day- the canteen,the>coffee house,the lover’s lane where we used to sit. We>were both very happy to regain our relationship that>we used to share at college days when we were the best>friends. The incident of the day proved that still we>have soft corners for each other and the God, if>exist, Himself wants us to be together.> In the noon when I was waiting for her>at the dyning table and she was taking bath suddenly I>felt that my love for her, that had been sleeping, had>awoke and I couldn’t but think of her.
But I thought>that she might not love me now. Then she came to the>dyning table and sat in front of me. I , decieded to>express my feelings for the last time and finish the>chapter then if refused. I took her hand in my palm>and said,” Anu, we both are very lonely in the world.>Can’t we be together?”
She burst out in cry and said,”>I waited a lot to hear it from you, you idiot, can’t>you say it earlier. I had to wait since morning”.
I>stood up, went to her and touched her bare neck with>my lips.>The dull dog put its head under it’s legs. It was>raining out side very vigorously.>>

P.S. : This article was sent to the editors for being>published in the Presidency College magazine. The>grammatical errors and spelling mistakes have been>duplicated as it was written in the article.What do>have to say about it?>>


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