Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Five hours later...

Still havent started story. Turned down invitation to Salman Rushdie do...pity, but i have to get this story written. Query: Will i manage to get story written, considering all Ive done since morning is flap? Query 2: Is it good that my selfesteem has begun to depend on whether or not i get invited to salman rushdie dos in current unemployed state? Query 3: Should I not read peoples personal blogs, knowing as i do that their lives will be more exciting than mine? Query 4: When the hell am i going to read the book that ive written?
I better go.
What do 10-12 year olds want to read? I was reading anything i could get my hands on at that age.
Had long chat with Shobita (all the outlook news and much delhi media bitching) and Ritu (has done great in MA exams, but cannot go to get her marksheet as she has inadvertently coloured her hair orange).


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