Tuesday, December 14, 2004


slept like a log...no, like a timber mill. rushdie do happened...it was fun, hanging around in the back at book events again, talking to the usual suspects. knowing they will all blog about it later.
met shrabonti after a long time - people have evidently been reading the blogs, because she was accused of being antara. and eM, whose blog just might end up giving her a book deal as indian chicklit superstar.
will blog about rushdie do elsewhere.
very bleary. have already spent an hour in this cybercafe, moving on to hour two. not v sure what i will do in it, though.
still, it seems like a good idea.


Blogger eM said...

Hardly chicklit superstar... probably just another anonymous name in the vastness that is Indian publishing-- doomed to land up in Daryagunj in the first two months

3:30 AM  

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