Thursday, December 02, 2004

A Bandh Apart

Much fun at panel discussion on bandhs. Everyone an industrialist except Tollywood leading man Arindam Sil, Jayabroto Chatterjee and me. and the dean of icfai business schools.
there was no argument of note, but still contradicted everyone and had good time. got to make closing argument etc etc. for someone who hadnt noticed the bandhs happened in the first place, im quite the labour relations expert. bless presi eco and the 14 functions of a trade union.
also met shane hyrapiet, who for the uninitiated is current cal star singer, my batch in school - he was in AG and then in Xaviers. Now become fashion star and all that. He remembered me, and told a friendly PR woman i had an eight thousand word vocabulary.
but undoubted high point of the evening was when i persuaded one industrialist to buy the VCD of barbarella queen of the galaxy for his daughter. im sure it will bring them much joy...specially the opening sequence, where she takes off a shimmery space suit in zero gravity while lyrics such as these play
Barbarella's psychedelia...
...there's a kind of cockle shell about you.
Barbarella... Bar...Barbarella.
You dazzle me with rainbow colors...
Fade away the duller shade of living...
Get me up high...
Teach me to fly...


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