Sunday, November 21, 2004

Worst Show on Indian TV

cant choose, as of now, between 'He-Man' a manhunt hosted by Shekhar
Suman on Star One, and anything on Akash Bangla. The thing about Akash
B is, occasionally its so bad its good, so I suppose He-Man wins. All
the more so because I love the damn cartoon, and this show is a black
mark on the name. Was discussing this with Rukmini yesterday, and we
were doing the almost obligatory Bollywood casting. We couldnt decide
on a He-Man, but as for the rest...
Teela: Sushmita Sen (woh!)
Evil-lyn: Priyanka Chopra
Beast-man: Sanjay Dutt
Orko: Johnny Lever, no makeup required
The Sorceress: Madhuri Dixit
Skeletor: Rahul Dev
Battle-Cat and Panthor: Rambo the Wonder Cat. Rukmini claims he/she
exists, I am not so sure.
Hum. Writing this book has evidently microwaved my brain


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