Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Sturrrrrike One.

Have been asked to be part of a panel discussion on bandhs in Calcutta two days from now. at crossword bookstore.
This is brilliant. There will be Page 3 types among those present.
June Maliah and so forth.
Apparently there have been bandhs in the recent past. Apparently those who leave their houses and go to work - yes, such people apparently exist in large enough numbers to be counted as a force - have been affected by the said bandhs. Apparently this has been discussed in newspapers - those things which other people read.
wonder what i will say.
considering i will be leaving the city in 12 days, i think it is my duty to make an impression. also, i really have nothing to lose.
onward to panel discussions then.


Blogger Smallman said...

I skim a lot of blogs, and so far yours is in the Top 3 of my list of favorites. I'm going to dive in and try my hand at it, so wish me luck.

It'll be in a totally different area than yours (mine is about diabetes diet) I know, it sounds strange, but it's like anything, once you learn more about it, it's pretty cool. It's mostly about diabetes diet related articles and subjects.

10:04 PM  
Blogger jon said...

We are trying to find good doom movie to take the kids this weekend. Good doom movie reviews are hard to find

I just stumbled onto your blog while looking. Seems to happen to me a lot since I am a knowledge mooch LOL


6:15 PM  

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