Monday, November 29, 2004


Thats what my brain is, not from all that high-octane intellectual entertainment but from trying to write my final chapter. am some 5500 words into it, and it refuses to sort itself out. have tried to nudge it into activity with the following.
1) repeated viewing of the slaughter of the crazy 88s from kill bill one
2) sporadic viewing of WWE Survivor Series wrestling. you may scoff, but the plots are better than any soap ive seen yet.
3) simple denial
4) phone calls to everyone i know (in case i know you and havent called you, its because i ran out of money on my phone, ok)
chapter has refused to sort itself out, and im on my 4th day now.
Antara has linked to this blog with a direct reference, just in case She Who Must Not Be Named misses the link in her sidebar.
Wondering if He Who Is Frequently Named is with her.


Blogger Buchu said...

amar class ey porey. mishti chhele kintu ektu pagol. amar blog er chari dike ki shob likhe rekhe eshechhey. atishi got the rhodes!!!! she's going back to oxford. i am SO jealous.

6:58 AM  

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