Thursday, November 25, 2004

The final cut

So, three blocks of text to go, and how do i spend my day? most productively. watched shark tale and kill bill vol 2.
shark tale is fun, though not great. dont watch if you dont like will smith. angelina jolie is really attractive even as a fish

but my favourite cartoon heartstopper (movie, lets not get into tv toons, ok? oh, before you get even more specific, standard 2D animation, mainstream cartoon. good god, look at me) remains jasmine from aladdin.

what can i say? she looks bong.
am obviously in a very put-up-the-pics as well mood today. ah well. it happens. as for KB 2, seriously good fun, though i would have liked more blood and less talk. still, am now gordon liu fan for life.

gordon liu also looks like this:

QT deserves major applause for managing to fit in the words 'i have killed your master, and now i will kill you!'
i really wish, really really with i knew the five-point palm exploding heart technique.
suspect i will end up watching KB2 again tonight and not doing any work. well, i suppose self knowledge is a good thing, anyway.


Blogger Sagnik Nandy said...

KB2 - only movie that I have watched thrice in the theatres - my undoubted fav for thisi year - incidentally liu's character was initially supposed to be played by QT himself - that would have been so much fun too - and the whole superhero speech at the end is the mot awesome pulp philosphy that I have heard in a movie (Samuel L Jackson's spiritual speech in Pulp iction comes a close second)

9:14 PM  

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