Saturday, November 20, 2004

Debouch! Sux Manyak!

Stoob called last night, and informed me amidst great hilarity that Bulbul mashi (the lady across the street from our Delhi flat who feeds him and loves him, but not in THAT way...yet) referred to the guy who lives with the gorgeous BlueBaby across the street (subject of our voyeuristic fantasies...when she comes out to hang up clothes for drying...aaahhh...)as, yes, a debouch! and a sux manyak! both terms which will go down in history. apparently she disapproves of the fact that they are not married, but living together in an 'aaj aache kaal nei' manner. The horror! The horror! Of course, she has no idea how much of a sux manyak stoob is. am looking forward to going back to delhi, though will probably die immediately of cold shock.


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